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Healing is the process of getting better again after something has impacted our health negatively. Physically this involves creating new cells to replace old cells that are worn out or damaged. We know you have the potential to heal because every time you cut yourself you heal yourself. So ....

Why isn’t your body healing itself?

Why isn’t your back ache, your neck pain, your headache going away?

What is preventing your system (your body and mind) from working properly?

If you aren’t healing it suggests:

a) You’re not doing enough, or the right things, to be, or stay, healthy, and/or

b) You’re doing something, or too many things, that are bad for your health, and/or

c) Your system isn’t working properly.

During an appointment a chiropractor explores with a patient what they might be doing to aggravate things and they may make some recommendations, or provide resources, as to the things that the patient can do to help improve their health. Beyond those recommendations - which are then up to the patient to address and maintain - the question then comes down to whether or not a patient’s system is working properly which is where chiropractic comes in.

Chiropractic is about fine-tuning your system to help it work better and hence improve your ability to heal.

You experience everything in life either physically, chemically, mentally or emotionally (or a combination of these). These experiences place stress on you and following exposure you either: 

  • cope with the stress, shrug it off, and carry on as if nothing has happened, or

  • break (bruise, fracture, etc.), because the stress is greater than the body can cope with (illness and injury occurs when the body is exposed to something it can’t cope with).

Chiropractors appreciate that there is a third option between these two extremes: that as you are exposed to more and more stress tension builds in your system, this tension causes the body to distort, these distortions impair the flow of messages between your brain and body and your body can’t then work properly because the messages telling it how to work can’t get through. Chiropractic is about addressing the distortions and enabling you to release the stored tension. Consequently messages can flow between your brain and body and your system can start to work properly again, including efficiently and effectively healing itself.

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